More Serious Issues & What to Do

More serious issues include, but are not limited to medication, physical therapy, medical care, safety, and informed written consent with psychotropic and other drugs.

If possible, first communicate about the issues/problems with nursing home staff.  The quickest way to solve a problem with a nursing home is directly with staff.  The care plan is an excellent place to work from, looking at what care is needed, what actions can ensure an excellent quality of life and what might need to be changed with the plan.

For serious care issues, meet with the director of nursing and/or director/administrator of the nursing home.  Care is vitally important and these individuals can solve a problem quickly and have the standing/power in the nursing home to make things happen.

As with less serious issues/problems, anytime in the process, you may contact the LTC Ombudsman for advice, counsel and support.

Call MANHR’s 800# at 800-988-4450 where we will give you our best advice as to who inside or outside of the nursing home can help solve the problem. 

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