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MANHR was instrumental in the development of the following 3/30/21 letter to Secretary Sudders and the related 4/8/20 Boston Globe Letter to the Editor.  These documents address the eviction of Massachusetts nursing home residents in order to create COVID-19 dedicated facilities to handle the anticipated COVID-19 surge at that time.  Such evictions can cause nursing home residents to suffer transfer trauma which can lead to serious illness or even death. While we appreciated the need for COVID-19 beds, we believe the State’s plan put nursing home residents in great and unnecessary jeopardy, since alternative beds could have been arranged (field hospitals, college dormitories, motels, etc.)   As a result of our advocacy and the spotlight from the media, the evictions were halted in early April.

The eviction issue is the source of multiple articles and media interviews from 3/30-4/3/20 (see above MANHR Media Quotes link).

3/31/20_Letter to Secretary Sudders — Protect Nursing Home Residents from Eviction

4/8/20_BostonGlobe Letters to Editor — Protect Nursing Home Residents from Eviction