Essential Factors to Consider When Looking for a Nursing Home

Ultimately, the decision to choose a nursing home is very personal. It is a subjective decision that needs to be right for your loved one and you.

Ideally, you will have the time to look at nursing home options at your own pace, but sometimes a decision must be made quickly because of a crisis situation.  Below are links to information and resources that can be helpful with this important decision.

  1. Establish Criteria
  2. Considering Logistics
  3. For-Profit vs Not-For-Profit
  4. State & Federal Gov’t Ratings
  5. Ombudsman Perspectives
  6. Geriatric Care Management Perspectives
  7. Word-of-Mouth
  8. Your Own Gut Instinct
  9. Visiting / Questions to Ask
  10. Person-Centered Care (PCC)
  11. Dementia Special Care Units