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MANHR: Committees, Coalitions, and Organizations

MANHR actively participated in the following committees, coalitions, and organizations. For  more than 20 years, MANHR represented MA nursing home residents and families as the only long-term care consumer advocacy organization in the Commonwealth.  

Advancing Excellence Campaign (AE)
National stakeholder-driven initiative to help nursing homes achieve excellence in the quality of  care and quality of life for nursing home residents. MANHR provided input on various materials  and was the contact for new MA consumer members. Advancing Excellence Campaign

Advisory panel for several projectsto improve the care and lives of MA nursing home residents.
Projects were approved by DPH (MA Department of Public Health) and were funded by civil  monetary penalties imposed on MA nursing homes. 

Attorney General (MA) Quarterly Meetings
Advocated for improvements in long-term care along with Greater Boston Legal Services and  MassNAELA Long-Term Care Residents’ Rights Committee.  

Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety and Medical Error Reduction, Long-Term Care Settings
MANHR was invited to participate in the Center’s first advisory roundtable on patient safety in  long term care settings.  

Citizens Advisory Council Quarterly Meetings
Advised and assisted the Secretary of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs on matters relating to  the special needs of elders and assists the Secretary in making appraisals of needs of the elders and the evaluations of programs required.  

Coalition of Organizations to Reform Eldercare
Promoted MA legislation and issues benefiting MA nursing home residents. Included Greater  Boston Legal Services (GBLS), MANHR, and National Association of Social Workers (NASW)-MA  Chapter.  

Coalition for Quality Care
ListServ of Long-term Care Citizen Advocacy Groups (CAGs) across the country working together  to strengthen group members through exchange of long-term care issues and information. 

Dementia Special Care Unit Law (DSCU) Stakeholder Committee
run by DPH for input into DSCU  regulations. 

Elder Stakeholders Group Quarterly Meetings
Diverse stakeholder group spanning government agencies, community and long-term care elder  organizations, and elder advocacy groups working together to improve the lives and care of  elders in the Commonwealth. 

Informed Written Consent (IWC) Before the Administration of Psychotropics to Long-Term Care  Residents Stakeholder Committee
run by DPH for input into IWC regulations 

MA Antipsychotic Reduction Taskforce
1+ year project to increase awareness and education on the risks associated with the use of  antipsychotic medications with MA patients with Alzheimers and other dementias. The group  included representatives from provider organizations, practitioners, pharmacy, hospiceconsumer representatives/groups, academics, state/regulatory organizations, trade  associations, and other key stakeholders. 

MA Coalition for the Provision of Integrated, Resident-Centered Care
Diverse statewide coalition, chaired by the DPH Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality,  working to further resident-centered care by developing state-specific goals through building a  consensus amongst industry leaders.  

MA Culture Change Coalition
Diverse stakeholder group (including providers, consumers, state and federal agencies, and  others) dedicated to advancing the principles of person-centered care in long term care. MANHR  served on the Steering Committee, Consumer Outreach Committee, and Newsletter Committee. 

MA Elder Advocacy Coalition
Coalition of legal service agencies and advocacy organizations to answer a need in the elder  advocacy community for more sharing of information, explanation and analysis of policy issues,  and coordinated advocacy to effect policy change that improves the health and well-being of  older adults across MA.  

MA Resident Centered Care Collaborative To Improve Dementia Care and Reduce Antipsychotic  Medication Use
Diverse statewide coalition, chaired by the DPH Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality, working  to further improve dementia care and support informed consent before antipsychotic drug  administration. 

Mass Senior Care Antipsychotic Initiative Advisory Committee
2011-2012 pilot to implement the OASIS Program in 11 facilities with the main goal of promoting resident-centered care to reduce the inappropriate use of antipsychotics in MA  nursing homes.  

National Consumer Voice for Quality Long Term Care (CV, formerly NCCNHR)
Leading national voice representing consumers for achieving quality long-term care, services  and supports. MANHR co-founder was elected to the CV Leadership Council for two terms and  served as Vice-President for part of her tenure. Also, MANHR previously participated in the CV  Family Councils for Quality Long-Term Care initiative which awarded grants to family councils in  Michigan and Virginia. 

Quality of Life Program (QLP) Committee
2 ½ year pilot to improve the quality of care and life for MA nursing home residents through  implementing consistent staff assignments, the cornerstone of Culture Change. Ten MA nursing  homes received QLP grants, and the research from this program was used to develop educational  materials to assist other MA nursing homes with consistent assignments.

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