MANHR, founded in 2000 by grassroots volunteers, is the sole statewide consumer group advocating for improvements in the care, dignity and quality of life for Massachusetts nursing home residents. MANHR supports and advocates on behalf of nursing home residents and their family members who deal with the challenges of having a loved one in a nursing home. MANHR’s efforts enhance the residents’ daily lives and contribute to the residents’ emotional, physical and psychological well-being. MANHR helps family members make better choices and helps them be advocates for their loved ones.

MANHR strives to better the lives of nursing home residents through our goals: 1) advocate for public policies that support quality care & the best attainable quality of life; 2) empower & educate residents & their supporters; 3) promote best practices in care delivery; 4) inform members, interested parties & the general public on MA/national nursing home issues.

How Can MANHR Help You?

This website was designed for you.  It is chock full of useful information and tips to help those considering nursing home care, nursing home residents, and those who have a loved one in a nursing home.  Main sections of the website covers the initial phase of considering nursing homes, how to manage the nursing home experience, and what to do when you have issues/problems with a nursing home.  Additional helpful links and resources are also provided to give you a wide range of

MANHR also advocates for nursing home residents through our efforts to inform and provide testimony to federal and state officials on how best to improve the quality of care and quality of life for nursing home residents. MANHR also actively participates in elder stakeholder groups that continually look at elder care issues in Massachusetts. In addition, MANHR educates the general public on matters relevant to nursing home residents.